Pre Workout Supplements

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Whey Protein

Whey Protein – An important supplement for a perfect body

Whey Protein is a form of protein which is considered the healthiest. Whey Protein is present in human milk i.e. Mother’s milk and is the most nutritious of all the protein isolates. It contains all the twenty two essential amino acids and two conditionals which make it the richest protein form. People who do regular and advanced level gym, often intake engineered proteins in form of protein shakes or tablets. These whey protein supplements are available in powdered form and can be taken with water or cold milk.
The other benefits of whey protein are:

  1. Fat loss and muscle perseverance: Whey protein supplements are calorie free and furnish hunger. Thus this nourishing beverage satisfies not only hunger but also builds up muscles instead of fat.
  2. Increases strength and size: Whey Protein builds muscles and restores power in body too. The bulge in muscles is because of casein protein, carotene and whey protein isolates. Whey protein gives a fat free muscular physique.
  3. Fights Cancer: Whey protein has been researched to cure cancer and tumors. Many studies have come to a conclusion that Whey protein helps fight cancer and reduces overgrowth of tissues.
  4. Improves Immunity: Whey Protein restores strength and power in the human body thus increasing immunity towards anti-bodies and germs. Whey Protein builds a shield around our body and protects it from diseases.
Reduces Stress: Many studies have concluded that taking whey protein shakes instead of liquor in stressful times is a boon and healthy for the body. Whey Protein automatically relieves tension and relaxes mind and heart. Whey protein also regulates heart beat rate and brings it to normal.

Whey Protein is a fast acting protein that is metabolized faster than the casein protein that takes time for the same process. It should be taken in quantities that can be absorbed by the body as the excess of Whey Protein can lead to indigestion, headaches and kidney failures.. Also after taking Whey Protein, one should drink a lot of water, so that undigested protein comes out of the body through urine. The three best whey proteins available in the market are:

  1. Furian Nutrition Core for Women: This supplement is available in three delicious flavors viz. chocolate, honey and vanilla and contains purest form of 21 grams of protein in every scoop. It also contains fast digesting whey peptides which allow instant energy to women. The supplement comes at reasonable prices.
  2. Furian Nutrition Core for Men: The supplement powder provides 21 grams of pure whey protein in every serving. The protein comes in three different flavors like vanilla, chocolate and honey. The protein cost is very cheap.
  3. Betancourt Nutrition Big Blend Proteosynthetic: It is the best and the tastiest proteins supplement and come at very reasonable price. It comes only in chocolate flavor and is the yummiest one can ever had. It is a blend of 22 proteins, amino acids and digestive enzymes. In one tub of 2.5 lbs, big blend offers 35 servings which can be eaten almost for a month.
Studies reveal that whey protein has helped in the increase in lean body mass and strength. They are healthy and if taken in the required amounts, work wonders for your body.